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A white-creamy coloured powder, smooth and of a low density, made from fresh liquid whey, fat-filled in liquid form with different types of vegetable oils and fats, and dried in a two stage atomization tower by means of hot air.


Includes high quality, refined, stabilized oils/ fat

Difficult alteration because of encapsulated fat globules

Easily digestible

Essential for young animal feed

Tiny fat globules that do not cluster together

Free flowing powder, easy to handle


Its dairy content enhances its advantageous characteristics:





It is commercialized under the trademark: LAITGRAS




LAITGRAS can be made with different types of vegetable oils (coconut – palm)/ fat (lard) and at different percentage (max 50%).


High quality raw materials


The fresh whey comes from cheese factories, transported at low temperatures. At arrival the whey is refrigerated and immediately enters the production process.


The vegetable oils/ fats used are stabilized and free from impurities, and are subject to strict quality control. Three different types of vegetable oils/ fat can be used:


Refined coconut oil

Refined palm oil




- Free flowing and easy handling powder

- Easy storage, even for long periods without becoming rancid

- Almost total absence of free fat

- It increases the absorption of fat in the digestive system

- Non-hygroscopic lactose supply

- This technology avoids overheating the product and denaturalization of proteins, because of the two stage drying with fluid bed.

- This is the product with the greatest capacity for instant dilution


Manufacturing process


The manufacturing process of LAITGRAS, with concentrating the whey in a multi-action evaporator, by a continuous process of lactose crystallization, a homogenization of the whey- fat emulsion and a two-stage spray drying with fluid bed, uses the most advanced technology for drying fat-filled whey with regard to safety and the quality of the final product.

bags 25 kgs/ Bigbags/ bulk