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STRIMLIT – LEMASA’s exclusive dealer

LEMASA is a Spanish factory manufacturer that produces whey and serum concentrates that are commercialized under the brand name LAITGRASS, SUERO REINGRASSADO.

LEMASA has entrusted STRIMLIT with exclusive distribution rights ever since the company first began.

Whey and serum concentrates are extracted from palm and coconut fats.

LEMASA’s high quality and competitive prices have built its reputation in many countries around the world, from Latin America to South Korea.

The core clients of LEMASA’s business include confectioneries, dairy manufacturers and feed suppliers for calves and pigs.

STRIMLIT’s experts were trained by LEMASA’s technicians in order to provide application assistance of the technology to create new or to improve existing dairy mixes, as well as reduce end production costs.

LEMASA and STRIMLIT aim to provide their clients with a continuous supply of whey and serum concentrates, maintain quality standards, reduce production costs and offer competitive prices. Furthermore, our flexible price policy is suited to each client’s needs.

We are interested in creating a dealer network in largely populated cities, and invite you to join us in this project!